Research program

Canada Research Chair in Economics’ research program studies two specific aspects of government-provided public goods, which are developed in two main research streams.

Stream 1: Outsourced Provision of Public Goods

This research stream focuses on the impact of variations in quantity and the efficiency of the provision of public goods in outsourcing on the companies operating in the procurement sector.

Stream 2: In-house Provision of Public Goods: The impact of judicial efficiency on firm outcomes

This research stream analyzes the impact of efficiency in the in-house government provision of judicial services on the size, financing structure, productivity and growth of the companies involved in judicial trials.

These two research streams will bring forth new insights to the impact of fundamental aspects (i.e., quantity and efficiency) of both the in-house and the outsourced government provision of public goods on policy-relevant economic outcomes, such as employment; firms’ birth-survival-death; and, firms’growth, productivity and efficiency.