Published Papers

Tenure in Office and Public Procurement, (with S. Gagliarducci), American Economic Journal: Economic Policy, forthcoming.

The Effect of Discretion on Procurement Performance, (with A. Guglielmo and G. Spagnolo), Management Science, forthcoming.

Court Efficiency and Procurement Performance, (with L. Moretti, G. Spagnolo, and P. Valbonesi), Scandinavian Journal of Economics, forthcoming.

Multitasking, Multi-Armed Bandits, and the Italian Judiciary, (with R. Bray, A. Ichino, and N. Persico), Manufacturing and Service Operation Management, Vol. 18, N.4, (2016). pg. 545-558.

The Inefficiency of Workers Time Use, (with A. Ichino and N. Persico), Journal of the European Economic Association, Vol. 13, N.5, (2015). pg. 906-947. Online Appendix.

An Economic Analysis of Black-White Disparities in NYPD’s Stop and Frisk Program, (with N. Persico), Journal of Legal Studies, Vol. 44 (June 2015), pg. 315-360.

Time Allocation and Task Juggling, (with A. Ichino and N. Persico), American Economic Review, Vol. 104, N.2, (2014), pg. 609-623.

Publicity Requirements in Public Procurement, (with M. Mariniello), Journal of Public Economics, Vol. 109, (2014), pg. 76-100.

Financial Education and Investment Attitudes in High Schools: Evidence from a Randomized Experiment, (with L. Becchetti and S. Caiazza), Applied Financial Economics, Vol. 23, N. 10, (2013), pg. 817-836.

Weak Instruments and Weak Identification in Estimating the Effects of Education and Democracy, (with M. Bobba), Economics Letters, N. 96, (2007), pg. 301-306.

Completed Papers

Bid Rigging and Entry Deterrence: Evidence from an Anti-Collusion Investigation in Quebec, (with R. Clark, J.-F. Gauthier, A. Shneyerov).

Firm-Level Effects of Fiscal Rules: Evidence from Italy’s Stability Pact, (with I. Marino, T. Nannicini, and N. Persico).

Book Chapters and Policy Papers

Does Aid Help Build Economic Institutions?, (with R. Islam), World Bank Policy Research Working Papers, N.3990.

Instrumental Variables Regressions in Growth, Geography and Institutions: Reconsidering Some Results. Papers and Proceedings of the ICES2003 conference, pg. 142-153. The Faculty of Economics at the Sarajevo and the World Bank, Sarajevo (Bosnia-Herzegovina)

Papers in Italian

Giudici in Affanno, (with A. Ichino and N. Persico), forthcoming Annuario di Diritto Comparato e Studi Legislativi.