Québec Political Economy Conference

The 7th Quebec conference in Political Economy will take place from the 22nd-25th of March 2019 in Mont Sainte Anne, Québec Canada.

The conference is organized by Decio Coviello (HEC Montréal) and Nicolas Sahuguet (HEC Montréal).

Conference Program

All talks are 30 minutes.

Saturday March 23rd

Morning Session, 8.30am: Alessandro Lizzeri (NYU)

Lunch Session, 12.30pm:  Alessandro Bonatti (Sloan, MIT), Decio Coviello (HEC)

Evening Session, 5.30pm: Nicolas Sahuguet (HEC)

Sunday March 24th

Morning Session, 8.30am:  Nathan Canen (Houston)

Lunch Session, 12.30pm: Arthur Silve (ULaval), Giacomo Brusco (Michigan)

Evening Session, 5.30pm: Nicola Persico (MEDS, Northwestern University)




Participants (confirmed list so far)

Charles Angelucci (Columbia University)

Alessandro Bonatti (Sloan, MIT)

Giacomo Brusco (University of Michigan)

Sandro Brusco (Stoony Brook University)

Nathan Canen (University of Houston)

Decio Coviello (HEC Montréal)

Ettore Damiano (University of Toronto)

Alessandro Lizzeri (New York University)

Pino Lopomo (Duke University)

Nicola Persico (MEDS, Northwestern University)

Nicolas Sahuguet (HEC Montréal)

Arthur Silve (Université Laval)

Local Contacts

Decio Coviello (decio.coviello@hec.ca)
Nicolas Sahuguet (nicolas.sahuguet@hec.ca)


Chalet Mont Ste-Anne

Past editions: LINK